Internet acquiring

The commission is only for successful payments
Connection in one working day, without original documents
Work with online cash registers according to 54-FZ
109 CMS modules for integration without programmers

What you get

Accepting payments

The ability to accept payments on the day of registration
Storing card details — for further purchases in one click
Customizable payment methods - choose how customers can pay for goods
Storing card details — for further purchases in one click

Personal account

Detailed history of transactions and checks with customer contacts
Setting up payment notifications by email
Setting up your own templates for automatic withdrawal of money at any time
Setting up payment notifications by email
One-click manual refunds

Accept payments the way you want

On the site, without the involvement of programmers

Connect the payment form to the site yourself, according to detailed instructions to popular CMS.
The payment form can open in a pop-up window on the same page where the buyer is.

In social networks, instant messengers and by e-mail

Create invoices for payment and send links to them to customers.

Payment methods

We will connect your online cash register

Formation of requests to your online cash register for fiscalizing checks
Formation of checks for advance payments and returns
Support for changes in the online cash register API
Formation of checks for advance payments and returns

Why us

Working since 2005

Accepting payments for online stores, marketplaces, regular payment services, MFIs, taxi companies.

Support 24/7

Technical support for users around the clock and seven days a week.

Banking license

License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for banking operations No. 3508-K dated November 29, 2017.

We are trusted

How to connect Internet acquiring

Check the site for compliance with Terms and Conditions.
Wait for the verification of the correctness of the entered data. This usually takes one working day.
Connect to the service and fill in personal data in your personal account.
Wait for the verification of the correctness of the entered data. This usually takes one working day.
Set up payment acceptance with ready-made solutions or by yourself.
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Questions about connection

Can non-residents work?
Yes, we work with non-residents from countries that do not support sanctions against the Russian Federation. We accept payments by MIR cards and through the Faster Payments System. For this register on the form for non-residents.
Can I accept payments on the mobile app?
Yes, we have an SDK for accepting payments in apps for IOS and Android. Connection conditions are the same as for sites.
Is there an API?
We can perform API integration so that all user interaction takes place on your site. After that, additional functions will become available, for example, financial transactions:
  • deferred payment (holding), when the payment amount is "frozen" on the buyer's card;
  • separation of payments (splitting), when paying in one amount, the money is divided and goes to different legal entities;
  • auto payments (recurring payments) when a subscription is required.
How is the withdrawal of funds to the current account takes place?
You can withdraw money the very next day after registration. Automatic withdrawal of all funds available on the account takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. But you can customize your own output templates at your convenience.

Do you have any questions left? We are ready to answer

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